Does my browser support WebGL?

If you see a 3D spinning box below, congratulations, this means your browser supports WebGL! Go render some amazing graphics!

Unfortunately, your browser does not seem to support WebGL.

If, on the other hand, all you see is an empty orange box or an error message, this means WebGL is not supported on your current browser.

Instructions: click on the canvas to toggle the animation.

“Crate” texture image courtesy of lighthouse3d.com

How does the test work?

This test consists in two steps: first, we attempt to create an HTML5 canvas element. If the canvas element is not supported, you will see an error message stating that your current browser does not support WebGL.

If the HTML5 canvas element is indeed supported, then we attempt to create a WebGL rendering context inside it. We try both: a standard context and an “experimental” context. If both fail, an alert message will be triggered, stating that WebGL may be disabled (or not available at all).

On some browsers, like Safari 4+, WebGL may be supported but disabled. In such cases, it can usually be enabled from the browser’s settings.


  • Version 1.1: Enhanced texture filtering.
  • Version 1.0: Initial release.