A Sudden Change of Plans…

For a looong time I was wondering whether it would be best to start a blog in English or in Spanish. Being fluent in both languages provided me the freedom to pick one or the other.

About three years ago, I decided Spanish was the way to go (being my Mother Tongue after all), but at times, I couldn’t stop wondering if I was sort of crippling my blog by limiting it to the Hispanic society exclusively.

All this wondering was more than just occasional thoughts it seems, since as of today, I finally decided to launch an English blog.

I wanted to consolidate several websites and ideas under the same “roof “, and this is it. Here I plan to publish tutorials, personal info, and thoughts about technology (specifically Computer Graphics and Linux and Mac development) as well as about my company, Algorithmia.

Feel free to look around. I hope you find the site useful. Welcome.