Parallel Programming with NVIDIA CUDA

The Linux Journal Magazine is currently running my article in their November issue. The articles features an introduction to Parallel Programming using the NVIDIA CUDA technology. I wrote this article for RealityFrontier and was kindly sponsored by CoroWare Inc. The Linux Journal introduces the article in their latest issue:

“If all that seems a bit too fluffy for your technology taste, you might just love Alejandro Segovia’s in-depth piece on parallel computing with NVIDIA’s CUDA technology. Video cards are great for gaming, but it’s amazing how powerful they can be when you use them for straight up mathematical processing. Alejandro shows how to take advantage of the little powerhouse sitting inside your computer case.”

As Raphael states in his post at the RealityFrontier website, a big thank you to CoroWare for the opportunity to write the article and to the Linux Journal for publishing it!