Improvements to Md2 in Vortex-Engine

These last few days I’ve been improving the Vortex-Engine support for Md2 Model files.

Vortex Instancing Test

Md2 models can now be “instanced” from the same data at the Engine level (not to be confused with GPU instancing) and different animations can be assigned to each model. The idea for the short-term is to be able to provide entities the ability to create a Md2 model instance and animate it however they like without causing conflicts with other entities that instantiate the same model.

There’s a video I created, where you can see the test, right after the jump.

Notice how the odd instances have longer animations than the even instances and how each instance’s animation framerate is different from one another.

I’m truly sorry about the quality of the video, which is nowhere close to the smoothness achieved by running the application, however it’s the best I could get out of my current tools (Instanbul + ffmpeg). I you know of better video capture solutions for Linux, please let me know.

Thank you for watching.