Md2 Models and Vortex Scene Graphs

Someone once said there is no building the engine without building a game. There is nothing like actually using your own tools in order to pinpoint the weak spots of the Engine.

Perilith Knight with the "knight skin".

Using Vortex to build different 3D applications, I’ve noticed that it may, at times, be a bit more verbose than one would expect from an Object Oriented C++ API.

One of the roughest edges in Vortex was Md2 model animation support. Until last week, integrating animated models into a Scene Graph was unnecessarily complicated. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Adding an animated Md2 model to a Scene Graph is now as easy as adding any other node type.

Controlling animations and skins of Md2 Models programatically is now a breeze in Vortex.

Here are some captures from the famous Perilith Knight model. I may upload a YouTube video showing the smooth animation at some point.


Perilith Knight using the "evil skin".
Perilith Knight using the "ctf_r skin".

Stay tuned for more updates on the Vortex Engine!